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The Lambda Network's creation of bylaws marked the end of its informal existence.

The Lambda Network established the OUTSpoken & Visible Award program in 1996. In 2003, the network extended the program by allowing Kodak employees to nominate organizations in addition to people.

LNAK exhibit audio · Kathryn Rivers recalls the initial tension of the first Education Event with Management

LNAK exhibit audio · David Kosel speaks about the Lambda Network’s supportive role

LNAK exhibit audio · David Kosel recognizes the LGBT safety net created by corporations

LNAK exhibit audio · David Kosel recalls the excitement following LNAK’s formation

LNAK exhibit audio · David Kosel recalls an example of Kodak’s anti-union disposition

LNAK exhibit audio · David Kosel recalls a time when HR invoked the Lambda Network

LNAK exhibit audio · Chuck Collins relates the network's success to Kodak's marketing goals

LNAK exhibit audio · Interview of Chuck Collins, David Kosel, and Kathryn Rivers
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